Sites (OOH)

United Malaya 360 Media Sdn.Bhd. has developed a wide range of OOH formats from traditional billboards, Pedestrian Bridges, overhead panels, spectacular unipoles and arch Gantries on the expressways and town centers

Our initial focus as media owners through concessions of gantries, arch-gantries, and pedestrian bridges has richly paid dividends by strengthening our position in and around various strategic locations in Malaysia.

Our Services :
As a one-stop, total advertising Solutions agency, we are able to meet the ever-changing demands of clients and advertisers with efficiency and quality. Our services include OOH Media, Creative Development, TV and Radio production.

Outdoor Media :
As the oldest and most easily recognized form of advertising, the outdoor medium is one of the simplest and most effective ways of introducing your brand to your potential customers. Presented prominently using banners, gantries and poles in key locations such as rooftop, pillars, flyovers, bridges and others, outdoor advertising has been consistently proven to be the best way to reach your target audience at the best CPM within the industry. Working for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it is a guaranteed way of establishing your brand name in the eyes and minds of your potential and target customers.

Unipole :
A cousin of "Billboards", our Unipole gives opportunity for more creation. Depending on preference, creative effects and elements can be added on to the unipole advertisement to enhance its presentation.

Over Head Bridge (OHB) :
Built over on high-traffic roads or routes with several lanes, OHBs have the advantage of being seen in locations where signs posted on the side of the highway would not be visible to drivers. Currently UM360Media Ads hosts two majestic OHBs located between the Majlis Link on the Federal Highway.